About us

Our company

Tim was born to two Kerry parents in 1976. Things were going grand until 1978 and a younger brat of a brother, Sean, appeared. The two boys grew up, got educated, got married, had babies and spend most of their time trying not to be serious about life but very serious about excellent customer service. Oh and Tim is to this day the apple of his mothers eye : )

Our facilities


We have just built a state of the art, high-tech warehouse and conditioning unit. Please don’t ask where it is because it is top secret. You know the batcave hidden in the Gotham countryside ? well our PipeCave is hidden in the cork countryside - so take that! In this hidden location we really care for our pipes (clean them, polish them & rub them), process our orders, and provide excellent customer service.


nice guys, great products, awesome jelly tots


They do great great jelly tots - ask them to add a packet to the order.